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Integriti Express

Ideal for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Integriti Express is management software for SME's using a single standalone Integriti controller. Integriti Express is based on Integriti Professional Software.

The look & general performance of Express is indicative of what can be expected from the Professional version however its functionality is tailored to a subset of features commensurate with what is required to perform management of small to medium installations.


Gatekeeper application controls simple user interface to allow all end user tasks such as assigning user permissions & arming & disarming areas. This is a separated window into the system as distinct from the installer focused, System Designer application & shields end users from exposure to the complexity of installer programming functionality.

Flexible Access Permissions

Integriti Express provides simple, flexible, programming of user access to doors & areas. Doors can be added directly to users or structures such as Door Lists & User Access Groups can also be created. The use of optional exceptions means that large numbers of unmanageable user groups are a thing of the past.

Skytunnel Connectivity

SkyTunnel is a cloud based service that provides hassle free connection of Integriti hardware & software over the internet.

Audit Trail & Undo

Integriti software including Integriti Express boasts an industry first, forensic audit & undo functionality. Stunning in its detail; this functionality means that accidental programming mistakes can be identified & undone, days or weeks after they've been made. The Audit trail shows the date, time & the user responsible for all system changes & allows these changes to be undone! This feature is common in desktop software but revolutionary in a hardware based access control system.

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