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Integriti Professional

Integriti Professional Edition Installation & Support

Inner Range Integriti Professional Version 22.0 provides management of multiple Inner Range Integriti security controllers, multiple sites and 3rd-party integrations. It also provides unlimited concurrent connections for the Integriti Mobile app.

Key Features

Professional Edition offers several key features, including:

  • Photo ID: This feature allows users to create and manage photo identification, improving security and identification processes within the system.
  • Communicator: The Communicator feature supports efficient and effective communication for security and administrative purposes by enabling the sending of email, SMS, and pager messages.
  • Integriti Mobile: With this feature, users can access and control the system from their mobile devices, providing them with convenience and flexibility in managing security settings and access controls.
  • Unlimited Panel Controller Connections: The Professional Edition allows for extensive scalability and flexibility in system design and implementation by supporting an unlimited number of Integriti Security Controllers (ISC) and Integriti Access Controllers. This feature enables organisations to expand their security system across one or multiple locations as needed.

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