Security Systems

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Integriti Mobile

Take charge of your security system wherever you are

Integriti Mobile supports multiple App operators - share the same iPhone or iPad amongst friends & colleagues with individual logins to display personalised maps, Widgets & settings. Furthermore, sophisticated security measures ensure that an App operator must also exist in the Controller or Server they wish to connect to.

App operators can only view entities according to the permissions of the matching user in the Controller. The end result is a state of the art secure & flexible solution for remote control.

Key Features

  • Arm or Disarm your Integriti security system remotely
  • Lock or Unlock your doors remotely
  • Get convenient remote control of Automated Tasks, Inputs, Auxiliaries & Security Areas & Doors
  • View the system event log (review) & apply time or event category filters & event colour coding
  • Create home page Widgets for fast access to common tasks
  • Built-in Widget icons
  • Widgets have single press toggle & double press control screens
  • Creation of background maps with icon overlays
  • Advanced timing control of Doors & Auxiliaries
  • Add background images for both Portrait & Landscape modes with ease using the Camera or Camera Roll