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Open-platform AXIS body worn cameras plug right into any system

AXIS body cameras are designed to capture high-quality video & audio evidence in a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use manner. The cameras are robust, lightweight, and perfect for use in challenging environments often encountered by law enforcement & security personnel. They offer wide dynamic range technology for clarity even in complex light conditions and have excellent low-light performance. Moreover, these cameras are equipped with AXIS Zipstream technology, which preserves all the important forensic detail you need, while lowering bandwidth & storage requirements by an average of 50% or more.

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One of the defining features of the AXIS body worn camera series is their ability to integrate with other AXIS solutions and third-party systems, providing a comprehensive, unified security solution. The integration of body worn cameras with existing video management systems (VMS) allows for efficient data management and analysis. AXIS also offers a complete system with cameras, docking station and system controller, ensuring reliable offloading, charging and storage.

Key features & capabilities include:

  • High-quality video & audio recording
  • Wide Dynamic Range & low-light performance for clear images in various light conditions
  • AXIS Zipstream technology for reduced bandwidth & storage needs
  • Robust and lightweight design, suitable for challenging environments
  • Integration capabilities with existing VMS & other AXIS solutions
  • Complete system offering with cameras, docking station, system controller, secure data management and storage

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