Video Surveillance

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AXIS Video Analytics

AXIS Object Analytics

AI-based Object Detection and Classification

AXIS Object Analytics is an intelligent video analytics application preinstalled on compatible AXIS network cameras at no extra cost. It adds value to your camera by detecting and classifying humans and vehicles. And conditions you set for triggering alarms, such as an object entering an area or crossing a virtual line, allow you to create scenarios tailored to your own surveillance needs.

Thanks to intelligent algorithms, it suppresses most common sources of false alarms, allowing you to focus on real threats. This scalable, edge-based analytics application requires minimum effort to set up. It supports various scenarios running simultaneously. And it integrates with the camera’s event-management system and other network solutions as needed.

Key Features

  • Edge-based video analytics
  • Classifies humans and vehicles
  • Runs multiple scenarios simultaneously
  • Preinstalled at no extra cost in compatible AXIS cameras

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