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The Motorola Solutions Avigilon Unity Video Surveillance Platform offers various AI and video analytics applications to enhance security and operational efficiency. Some of the critical AI and video analytics applications provided by the Avigilon Unity platform include:

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  1. Appearance Search: This application utilises AI algorithms to quickly search and locate a person or vehicle of interest across multiple cameras and video streams based on specific appearance attributes, such as clothing colour, gender, or vehicle type. It enables efficient post-event investigations and reduces response times.
  2. Unusual Motion Detection: The platform’s AI algorithms can detect and flag unusual or abnormal motion patterns within the video stream. It helps identify potential security threats or suspicious activities requiring immediate attention.
  3. Pattern-Based Analytics: The Avigilon Unity platform employs pattern-based analytics to identify and track specific behaviours or events, such as loitering, object removal, or crowd gathering. It assists in proactive monitoring and enables operators to take appropriate actions.
  4. License Plate Recognition (LPR): The LPR application allows for automated reading and recognition of license plates from vehicles captured in the video streams. It enables efficient monitoring of vehicle access, parking enforcement, and law enforcement applications.
  5. Video Analytics Appliances: The platform includes a range of video analytics appliances designed to perform AI-powered video analytics at the edge, near the cameras. These appliances can analyse real-time video streams, reducing bandwidth usage and enabling faster response times.
  6. Self-Learning Video Analytics: The Avigilon Unity platform features self-learning video analytics capabilities that continuously adapt to the environment and automatically improve accuracy over time. This ensures more accurate detection and reduces false alarms.
  7. Facial Recognition: The platform supports advanced facial recognition technology to detect and match faces against watchlists or pre-defined databases. It enables efficient identification and tracking of individuals for security and access control applications.
  8. Video Metadata Analysis: Avigilon Unity leverages AI algorithms to extract and analyse metadata from video streams. This includes information such as object size, speed, direction, and dwell time, providing valuable insights for security operations and business intelligence purposes.

These are just some AI and video analytics applications the Motorola Solutions Avigilon Unity Video Surveillance Platform provides. The platform is designed to deliver advanced analytics capabilities, enabling organisations to enhance their security measures and gain actionable intelligence from their video surveillance systems.

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