AXIS Video Analytics

Detect & Classify Objects, Measure Queues & Occupancy & Protect Privacy

AXIS in-camera analytics is a powerful platform that enables users to extract valuable insights from video data. The capabilities of AXIS in-camera analytics include:

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  • Motion detection: AXIS cameras come with a basic motion detection solution that detects movement in a scene and triggers an alarm or recording.
  • Object analytics: AXIS Object Analytics is an AI-based solution that detects and classifies objects in a scene, such as people, vehicles, and animals, and provides real-time alerts and notifications. It can also analyse the spatial behavior of objects within a scene, allowing users to focus on objects of interest and events that need attention.
  • People counting: AXIS People Counter is a solution that counts the number of people entering and exiting a building or area. It can also be used for occupancy monitoring and crowd management.
  • License plate verification: AXIS License Plate Verifier reads and verifies license plate information, and it can be used for access control, parking management, and law enforcement.
  • Perimeter protection: AXIS Perimeter Defender detects and tracks intruders in a defined area, and can also be used for perimeter protection and security.
  • Direction detection: AXIS Direction Detector is an automated system that detects the number of people passing and in what direction, making it ideal for use in retail analytics and other applications.
  • These capabilities are just a few examples of what AXIS in-camera analytics can do. With its flexible and scalable solutions, AXIS Communications is committed to providing customers with the tools they need to gain valuable insights from their video data and improve their operations and security.

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