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Facial Recognition

Suprema Biostation 3

Multi-Modal Biometric Access Control

Suprema BioStation 3 offers facial recognition capabilities combined with biometric reader technology, streamlining identity verification processes by reducing reliance on traditional access cards or PIN codes. It provides accurate and secure identity verification by analysing unique facial features against pre-registered profiles. Equipped with a high-resolution camera, BioStation 3 captures facial images with precision, even in varying lighting conditions.

As a biometric reader, Suprema BioStation 3 also supports biometric modalities, such as fingerprint and palmprint recognition. This multi-modal capability offers flexibility and an additional layer of security by allowing users to choose the most suitable biometric method for their needs.

With its robust biometric reader and advanced facial recognition, the Suprema BioStation 3 provides organizations with a secure and efficient solution for access control, time and attendance tracking, and other identity verification applications. It offers a seamless and reliable user experience while maintaining the utmost security standards.

Biostation 3 integrates with Inner Range Integriti.

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