Cloud-Based Software

Avigilon Alta Cloud-Based Access Control Software

The cloud-native Alta Control Center is designed to make managing security for any number of users, devices and sites easier than ever.

App Marketplace

The Avigilon Alta Control Center app marketplace boosts its functionality and user experience through a well-designed suite of integrations.

Integrations partners include:

  • Google Workspace: Avigilon Alta offers a turn-key integration with Google Workspace to easily import and manage your users from Google Workspace and keep them automatically synchronised.
  • Microsoft Azure AD: When you remove a user from Microsoft Azure Active Directory, it will automatically remove that user from Avigilon Alta too.
  • Okta: Reduce administrative burden & improve user login experiences by integrating Avigilon Alta with Okta’s directory management solutions in the cloud. To learn more about Okta visit
  • Workday reports: Integration with human resource management software Workday allows simplified access management with auto-sync and the ability to create mobile credentials automatically.
  • Camio: The Avigilon Alta and Camio integration combines passback and tailgating detection with access activity in the Camio platform, with real-time alerts and insights.
  • Rhombus: Combine Avigilon Alta’s access control capabilities with Rhombus’ advanced video analytics to associate video with access events in real-time.
  • Milestone: The Avigilon Alta integration with Milestone streamlines security management by combining access control and video management, allowing users to easily manage & monitor Avigilon and Milestone systems for enhanced operational efficiency. The user must be running Milestone Premium or Milestone Enterprise to enable this integration.
  • Cisco Meraki: Cisco Meraki’s IP cameras & VMS platform are directly integrated into the Alta Access software, allowing you to associate access activity with powerful video surveillance insights.
  • Envoy: Envoy connects people, spaces, and data to power the places where people work best together. To learn more visit
  • Slack: Integrate Slack with Avigilon Alta to empower your employees to unlock doors with ease from their Slack chat window.
  • Schlage Wireless Locks: Securely & efficiently connect your Schlage LEB, NDEB and Control™ wireless locks directly to the Alta cloud, without the need of a Smart Hub.
  • Zapier: Zapier is an online automation tool that moves information between web apps automatically.
  • Webhooks: Webhooks automate tasks, integrate with other services, and send real-time data updates for various purposes. A webhook actively delivers data to other applications as events occur, ensuring immediate data reception. In contrast to typical APIs that require frequent polling to obtain real-time data, a webhook sends this data as events unfold, providing a more efficient method for an external server or application to receive information from a source.

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