Touchless Access

Avigilon Alta Access Control products offer touchless access solutions through an array of methods, including Wave to Unlock, mobile or watch app, tablet, HF and LF keycards, fobs, and Cloud Key.

The Avigilon Alta Cloud Access control range offers a touchless, sophisticated solution for secure and expedited entry management. Its advanced Triple Unlock Technology utilizes Bluetooth, NFC, and mobile credential recognition, ensuring swift and secure access without the need for physical contact and boasts a 99.9% unlock reliability. Touchless Access is compatible with a variety of credential formats, and is not just about enhancing security; it’s about providing a seamless, user-friendly experience. Integration with the cloud-based Alta Access software amplifies its efficiency, allowing for real-time monitoring and detailed reporting, thereby streamlining operational processes and tightening security measures.

Investing in the Avigilon Alta Cloud Access control range means embracing a future-proof security solution. Its design anticipates future technological advancements, ensuring the system remains relevant and effective as business needs evolve. This forward-thinking approach, combined with its adaptability and Triple Unlock Technology, makes the Avigilon Alta Cloud Access control range an intelligent choice for businesses seeking a reliable, adaptable, and comprehensive access control solution.

  • Wave to Unlock:
  • Simply wave your hand in front of the reader while your phone is on you to unlock the door — no contact necessary.

  • Bluetooth recognition:
  • Avigilon readers use a combination of Bluetooth and motion detection to instantly recognize and authenticate mobile credentials.

  • Fast and reliable:
  • The sub-second unlock is perfect for lobbies or primary entrances with high traffic, and any area that prioritizes convenience.

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