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Digital Guest Pass

Avigilon Alta’s Digital Guest Pass credentials streamline the management of visitor access, offering an efficient and flexible solution for businesses. With the ability to send a Guest Access Link to one-time visitors through email, text, or messaging apps, this system simplifies the entire process, ensuring visitors can gain entry quickly and securely. The provision of temporary access is particularly beneficial, allowing authorized users to grant limited entry privileges to guests or service providers as required. This feature is invaluable in maintaining control over the premises while providing a welcoming environment for visitors.

The customization options of the Digital Guest Pass are a standout feature, enabling the sharing of access credentials for one or multiple entries while also setting specific limitations on the duration and timing of access. This level of personalization ensures that every guest’s access is tailored to their specific needs, enhancing the security and efficiency of the system. Moreover, the no-app-needed feature is a testament to the user-friendly design of the Avigilon Alta system. Visitors can simply click the link and use a web browser to access entries, eliminating the need for app installations and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free entry experience.

  • Temporary access:
    Authorized users can grant limited entry privileges to guests or service providers as needed.
  • Customizable for every guest:
    Share access credentials to one or more entries, and limit when and how long guests will have access.
  • No app needed:
    Visitors can simply click the link and access entries via a web browser — no app install required.

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