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Alta Access Control

Standard Smart Reader

Seamless & Secure Access

Avigilon Standard Smart Reader is the epitome of sleek, smart, and secure access control. This proximity reader offers touchless access control, compatible with a wide range of devices including mobiles, cards, fobs, NFC, WiFi, and Bluetooth. It ensures secure and fail-safe access control with Triple Unlock technology, resistance to tampering, power failures, and internet outages. Plus, its multiple form factors, make it ideal for new construction or replacement of legacy systems.

Managing access has never been easier, thanks to its cloud-based Alta Access software. It allows remote monitoring of all entry activity on any device and integrates seamlessly with platforms like G Suite and Azure AD. With the Standard Smart Reader, enjoy 100% remote management, secure mobile credentials, and an open ecosystem for limitless integration, bringing you a smart and secure solution for every entry.

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