Video Monitoring

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Video Monitoring


Geutebruck G-Core Video Monitoring

Connect your Geutebruck G-Core VMS to our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Video Monitoring Platform to access a wide range of Remote Video Services.

Key Features

  • Live Video - Live & recorded views of cameras connected to G-Core
  • Video Verification -
  • Video Verification - Detector or Analytic triggered pre & post alarm video to reduce false alarms
  • Video Patrols - Ad-hoc & scheduled patrols of cameras connected to G-Core
  • Camera Uptime - anytime a camera loses connectivity with Security Center we'll receive an alarm
  • Camera Health - camera failure, hard disk failure, video loss & more are handled & escalated as alarm signals
  • Remote Access - provide remote access for employees & authorised personnel to enter your facility
  • Door Station Answering
  • Trigerring of Relays - Triggering of Relays & Presets


  • Geutebruck G-Core server running or above
  • Dedicated internet connection
  • Lighting
  • Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS)

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