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HID iCLASS cards have proven to be an extremely reliable, consistent piece of technology. Used in diverse applications such as access control and cashless vending, HID iCLASS cards are both effective and powerful. Optimized to provide a higher standard in security, through encryption and mutual authentication, the HID iCLASS card is an industry leader. With the ability to dramatically reduce the risk of compromised data or card duplication, HID iCLASS is smart, advanced technology.

Available in various memory configurations, HID iCLASS ensures a high level of security with the ability to support future growth. The HID iCLASS card goes beyond the traditional smart card. With multi-layered security, the HID iCLASS is a trusted source in providing convenience, affordability, and reliability. Both durable and convenient, the HID iCLASS has become a trusted source in proven, reliable technology.

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