Direct Wireless

Wireless 4G Alarm Monitoring

DirectWireless is a 4G Wireless Monitoring Network dedicated to transmitting alarm signals. Available Australia-wide, DirectWireless offers real-time wireless monitoring of the connection between your security system and our Grade A1 Monitoring Centre to protect against phone line outages. Scroll down down to find out more about our plans & pricing.

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Over the Air Upload/Download
DirectWireless supports OTAUDL for the following panels: Concept 3/4000 Type 2, DAS NX4, DAS NX8, DAS NX12, DAS NX16, DAS R8, DAS R128, Paradox MG5050, Paradox SP6000, Paradox SP7000, Paradox EVO192, Bosch Solution 16 Plus, Bosch Solution 16I, Bosch Solution 64, Bosch Solution 144, Bosch Solution 16, Bosch Solution ICP-CC488, Bosch 862, Tecom Challenger V8 & Tecom Challenger V10.

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