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Integrated Security Systems

Genetec Security Center
Harden your security with this unified platform that blends IP video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition system within one intuitive solution with a single, unified interface. You’ll simplify operations and achieve greater situational awareness by taking advantage of this highly-flexible and secure platform that evolves with your organisation. With Genetec Security Center you can rapidly respond to emerging situations and overcome the pitfalls of traditional security systems, such as limited connectivity between various applications, compatibility issues, and complicated and costly maintenance.

Core systems include:

  • Security Center Synergis: an Access Control System that lets you manage manage the flow of people coming into your buildings. It secures your organisation, simplifies your operations, and doesn’t lock you into a proprietary solution.
  • Security Center AutoVu: an automatic license plate recognition system that makes it easier for commercial and municipal organisations to enforce parking, optimise traffic flow, and identify and track vehicles of interest.
  • Security Center Omnicast: a video management system that lets you efficiently manage and monitor HD video and choose from an ever-growing range of industry-leading cameras.

Optional modules includes:

  • Plan Manager: interactive and graphical mapping so you can visualise and manage security environments.
  • Sipelia Communications Management: enables SIP-based communications between operators and intercom devices, improving your security team’s awareness and facilitating collaboration.
  • Security Center Mobile: gives you remote access to Security Center through a suite of mobile apps.
  • Security Center Web Client: lets you control your security system from anywhere via a web browser.

Genetec Clearance
Close cases faster with this innovative case management system that facilitates collaboration between security departments, outside agencies, and the public to speed up investigations in a cost-effective manner.

Genetec Mission Control
This intelligent incident management tool gives you the data and tools you need to respond to situations quickly, confidently, and intelligently. It’s a decision support system that gives security professionals new levels of visualisation, incident management, and situational intelligence. It helps you tell the difference between a genuine threat and a false alarm so you can resolve situations faster.

Genetec Retail Intelligence
Transform the customer experience by unlocking customer insights. Decode customer behaviour and in-store dynamics. Track things like queueing efficiency, display placement, staffing optimisation, or pricing strategy with this video analytics-based tool. There’s no need for costly, complex, additional equipment: Genetec Retail Intelligence works with what you’ve got.

Genetec Retail Sense
Count visitors effectively for advanced customer analytics. Track visitors entering and leaving, uncover traffic tendencies between multiple store locations for benchmarking, run custom reports and share valuable data. Visualise customers’ purchase journey and behaviour trends. See how long they linger in certain sections, or which sections get the fewest visitors so you can optimise your store layout.

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