Unified Partner of the Year 2023

Unified Security System Award Winners ANZ

JD Security is an award-winning Genetec Unified Elite Partner and winner of the Genetec Unified Security Systems Partner of the Year Australia & New Zealand 2021 and Unified Partner of the Year Australia & New Zealand 2023.


Genetec Inc. is a leading technology company that provides security, intelligence, and operations solutions. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Genetec has established itself as a global leader in the physical security and public safety industry. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of open-platform software, hardware, and cloud-based services to enhance security and operational efficiency for many clients, including governments, enterprises, and communities worldwide.

Security Center

Genetec’s flagship product, Security Center, is a unified security platform integrating various security functions into a cohesive system. This platform includes:

  • Omnicast™ is an IP video management system that provides advanced video surveillance capabilities, allowing users to monitor and respond to security events effectively.
  • Synergis™: An access control system that enhances security by leveraging existing network and security equipment, supporting a wide range of third-party devices.
  • AutoVu™ is an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system that automates vehicle identification and tracking, improving public safety and operational efficiency.
  • Security Center SaaS: A cloud-based version of the Security Center platform, offering easy deployment and robust risk management capabilities.

Additional Modules and Tools

  • Mission Control™: An incident management system that classifies incidents, automates security responses and dispatches operations to contain threats quickly.
  • Plan Manager is a graphical mapping tool that enhances situational awareness by visualising security environments.
  • Genetec Clearance™: A case management system that facilitates collaboration between security departments and external agencies, speeding up investigations.

Hardware and Appliances

Genetec provides a range of hardware solutions to complement its software offerings:

  • Streamvault™: Security infrastructure solutions that ensure robust and reliable performance for security systems.
  • Access Control Hardware: Devices that integrate seamlessly with Genetec’s access control software to provide comprehensive security solutions.
  • ALPR Cameras and Devices: Specialised hardware for automatic license plate recognition, enhancing the capabilities of the AutoVu system.

Professional Services

Genetec offers professional services to support its products, including remote and on-site services tailored to various project complexities. These services help optimise system performance, mitigate project risks, and ensure successful project delivery.

Genetec Security Center

Harden your security with this unified platform that combines IP video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition in a single user interface. Simplify operations and achieve greater situational awareness by taking advantage of this highly flexible and secure platform that evolves with your organisation. With Genetec Security Center you can rapidly respond to emerging situations and overcome the pitfalls of traditional security systems, such as limited connectivity between various applications, compatibility issues, and complicated and costly maintenance.

Core systems include:

  • Security Center Synergis: an Access Control System that lets you manage the flow of people entering your buildings. It secures your organisation, simplifies your operations, and doesn’t lock you into a proprietary solution.
  • Security Center AutoVu: an automatic license plate recognition system that makes it easier for commercial and municipal organisations to enforce parking, optimise traffic flow, and identify and track vehicles of interest.
  • Security Center Omnicast: a video management system that lets you efficiently manage and monitor HD video and choose from an ever-growing range of industry-leading cameras.

Optional modules include:

  • Plan Manager: interactive and graphical mapping to visualise and manage security environments.
  • Sipelia Communications Management: enables SIP-based communications between operators & intercoms, improving your security team’s awareness and facilitating collaboration.
  • Security Center Mobile: provides remote access to the Security Center through a suite of mobile apps.
  • Security Center Web Client: lets you control your security system from anywhere via a web browser.

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