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Security and Video surveillance

AXIS cameras and integrated analytics combine to give you an unparalleled view of your business. From people counting and demographics analysis to queue management and loss prevention, it’s simple to get the fully integrated visibility you need to improve business performance as well as security.

AXIS cameras are state-of-the-art and designed for crystal clear surveillance. Indoor or outdoor, wide open spaces or narrow corridors, night-time or direct sunlight: no matter what the conditions, AXIS cameras show you everything you need to see.

AXIS smart analytics solutions give you all the information you need to address incidents on the spot or make changes in your business for increased profits. These solutions give you easily-accessible, reliable, and detailed insights that can dramatically improve your bottom line.

Core systems include:

  • AXIS Demographic Identifier: detect and analyse the gender and approximate age of store visitors, then combine the information with other statistics to customise store layouts or displays accordingly. No images or video are stored permanently, protecting everyone’s privacy.
  • AXIS Direction Detector: get immediate alerts or audio alarms when people move the wrong way through barriers or entrances. This system registers the number of people passing through, and in one direction. It reduces losses and eliminates the need for physical barriers or extra staff at entrances.
  • AXIS People Counter: count people moving both ways simultaneously to analyse customer flows, which can help improve staff and store planning, as well as helping to evaluate marketing efforts and conversion rates.
  • AXIS Queue Monitor: understand how queues are moving and fluctuating throughout the day for smarter staff planning and comparison between store locations, so you can limit wait times and improve customer satisfaction.
  • AXIS Tailgating Detector: allows just one person at a time through automated access control systems, preventing unauthorised entry. If more than one person passes under the camera during a time interval, the Tailgating Detector can trigger an alarm such as an email notification or audio output.
  • AXIS Store Data Manager: gather, store, and manage data from cameras through this software installed on a local server. It groups and exports analytics data to a business intelligence application of your choice and monitors camera connections.
  • AXIS Store Reporter: gain insights into store performance with data from all AXIS applications, such as visitor traffic, queue information, occupancy, and demographics.

    It’s ideal for multi-camera and multi-site installations, letting you create customised reports to get maximum value from your surveillance investment.

The AXIS camera range includes small, discreet mini domes and ultra-high definition, powerful cameras that show you the big picture.

The range includes:

Axis A8004-VE Network Video Door Station: Get reliable audio-visual entry control that’s easy to install and offers remote entry control so you can decide who gets to enter your premises. Weatherproof and vandal-proof, this camera provides excellent performance indoors and outdoors, and even in low light.

AXIS M30 Network Camera Series: These fixed mini domes with HDTV and 360/180 panoramic views are affordable, highly discreet, and easy-to-install. Some resemble smoke detectors. They’re ideal for retail, hotels, schools, and offices, especially where budgets are tight. They deliver superb video quality and range from palm-sized cameras to wide-angle domes. Vandal-proof and dust-resistant, these cameras also support corridor format and come pre-focused. They can cover an area of more than 650m2 to detect activities, track people flow, and improve area management.

AXIS M5013-V/M5014-V PTZ Dome Network Cameras: These vandal-resistant pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) domes give you the big picture, so you can create a safe environment, identify potential threats, and stay a step ahead of vandalism and crime. They let you cost-effectively monitor train platforms and boarding areas, and manage one or more locations while improving security.

AXIS P14 Network Camera Series: This camera series offers compact and cost-effective surveillance for any environment. The outdoor-ready, bullet-style cameras are ideal in exposed outdoor areas such as carparks, service stations, and indoors when you need a compact camera. The exceptional image quality to 4K ultra HD means it can cover a large area with exceptional detail sensitivity, providing new possibilities for high-quality identification. These cameras operate in a wide temperature range and their weatherproof casing has an adjustable weather shield to protect the camera from rain, snow, and direct sunlight.

AXIS A6000-E Network Camera: Get a full 360-degree overview with one-click PTZ control. This pioneering camera solution goes from full overview to detail in one click. Or you can use two screens to get a full 360-degree overview while simultaneously capturing every detail in full resolution with high PTZ precision. It’s ideal for city surveillance in market squares, carparks, and large open areas such as food courts in shopping centres. Because this camera is flexible, smart, and situationally aware, it offers powerful event management capabilities with intelligent video features such as tampering alarm, motion detection, and support for third-party applications.

AXIS Surveillance microSDXC™ Card 128 GB: Eliminate the need for bandwidth and connectivity with reliable edge storage for video surveillance. Combined with Axis Zipstream technology, even high-quality video can be recorded locally.

AXIS V5914 PTZ Network Camera: Designed to stream and webcast high-quality audio and video in a variety of applications, this camera makes it easy to share information in auditoriums or classrooms, as well as peer-to-peer communication via video conferencing. PTZ functions are easy to control from the camera’s web page and lets users follow movements in a live production situation, and even zoom in on details of interest.