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What do you do if you don’t think you should pay for a response?

Firstly, check your phone to see if you’ve missed any calls or voice mails from us. You can also speak with our Monitoring Centre on 1300 884 543 to see if there were any failed attempts to contact you, as every call, attempted call and voice mail is recorded and logged. Please note that the Monitoring Centre cannot agree to or issue credits.

If you don’t think we contacted you get in touch with our Accounts department on 02 8787 7562 or [email protected] and they’ll email you a ‘Request for Credit’ form. Once you’ve completed and returned the form we’ll investigate your enquiry. If we haven’t contacted you as agreed in your response plan we’ll issue a credit. If you’d like to amend your response plan at this time we can organise that as well.

Please note that some inquiries take longer to investigate than others including queries relating to multiple responses or involving special detection devices such as refrigeration, smoke and heat detectors.

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