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What happens if we trigger our hold-up alarm?

Any request for a designated hold up alarm service must comply with the National Police Alarm Activation Response Guidelines.

Section 5, Alarm Categories & Responses, defines a Hold Up Alarm received from a business as a Category A alarm if it meets the following guidelines.

To qualify as a Hold Up Alarm the hold up button device attached to your security system must be:

  • a for purpose and manufactured dual button press device
  • permanently fixed to a solid surface and installed in accordance with Australian Standard 2201.2
  • operated by a person who is, or is about to be confronted by a weapon or threat of violence for the purpose of robbery
  • programmed to a seperate, individual zone on the security system
  • maintained in accordance with Australian Standard 2201.1:2007
  • accompanied by the owners written instructions for the activation and reset of the device
  • have any tools or keys that are required for its reset in a designated location on the premises
  • operated as an add-on to a business monitoring service that sends open and close events to the Monitoring Centre when the security system is armed and disarmed

Please note that portable wireless devices, including pendants cannot be classified as a Hold Up Alarm. For information regarding these devices and their treatment as a Duress Alarm please see the FAQ What if I trigger a duress alarm?

In all instances operators will notify Police to attend. Once Police notification has taken place it is irrevocable.

Please note that the National Police Alarm Activation Response Guidelines are a product of the National Emergency Communications Working Group – Australia and New Zealand (NECWG-A/NZ) and are available on the website. JD Security cannot guarantee that the police force in your jurisdiction will handle operational matters as described in this document or make changes without notice.

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