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What is AXIS Lightfinder?

AXIS Lightfinder technology is a system-on-chip technology developed by AXIS that enables network cameras to capture high-quality colour video even in low-light conditions. It is designed for day-and-night cameras and is particularly effective when the light is dim or quickly lowered. The technology combines a susceptible CMOS sensor with optimized image processing algorithms on a state-of-the-art chip to produce crisp images in lowly lit lighting conditions. This technology is an version of the low lux technology found in most cameras, with lux being a measure of illumination. The sensor has light sensitivity beyond ordinary sensors, and the software developers at AXIS have maximized performance to squeeze out the best possible image quality. AXIS Lightfinder technology is beneficial for forensic purposes, as it captures full-colour images in extremely low light, even better than the human eye, which is essential for identifying subjects.

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