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What is Tecom Titan?

Tecom Titan is application software for programming and controlling Challenger security systems. It can be used on-site and remotely via an IP connection, primarily by installers with a laptop PC to program Challenger systems. Titan offers a user-friendly interface for programming the Challenger system and allows technicians to import and export system configurations for off-site programming or system backups. It supports Challenger V8 and Challenger10 control panels and provides flexible connectivity options, including USB, IP, or serial connections. Additionally, Titan includes:

  • A fully integrated remote firmware flash utility for Challenger10 panels.
  • Enabling a complete upload and download of panel configuration.
  • Backup and archiving facilities for both database and history information.
  • A Challenger V8 to Challenger10 migration tool.

Call us on 1300 556 334 or email [email protected] to learn more.

Customers in New Zealand call 0800 345 677 or email [email protected].

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