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What non-alarm events may cause attendance at your premises?

Our electronic Alarm Response Docket lists nine event types that may result in a response. You will receive a docket with one of these events selected. In addition to intruder, fire or industrial alarms, the following are the most common events which may also indicate a breach of the security of your premises:

  • Late to Close – Your alarm is still unarmed after your closing schedule, and your response plan requires us to attend. Your response plan is only actioned if we have not been able to contact your team or anyone on-site.
  • Out-of-Hours Entry – Your alarm system is disarmed outside your scheduled hours. A response is only despatched if we haven’t received a call from a contact or have been unable to contact anyone on site, and your response plan authorises it.
  • Isolation – When your security system was armed, one or more detection devices didn’t activate. Common causes include doors or roller shutters that may be open or not correctly secured, broken detectors or damaged cabling.
  • Let In/Out, Patrol Report and Random Patrol Request event types are services provided at your request. Please get in touch with us for more information.

We will email the alarm response docket to an address of your choice.

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