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AXIS Device Manager

Remotely Manage the AXIS Cameras on your Network

Ideal for multisite operations, AXIS Device Manager Extend offers a unified, user-friendly interface that helps you proactively manage your AXIS devices and sites from anywhere.

Stay in Control

With an intuitive dashboard and remote site access, AXIS Device Manager Extend delivers instant overviews and insights so you can effectively manage your assets and keep track of devices across their lifecycle. You’ll have access to real-time product information as well as software and firmware status. Plus, you’ll receive recommendations for device settings to help minimize security threats and mitigate vulnerabilities. Security policies can then be defined, applied, and enforced for all AXIS devices.

Convenient & Secure

The aggregated dashboard gathers information about all your devices and sites in one, easy-to-use application. You’ll be informed when recommended firmware upgrades are available and you’ll receive recommendations for replacement products. Plus, thanks to support for ACAP, you can see which analytics are running on your devices and apply new. AXIS Device Manager Extend lets you manage thousands of AXIS devices and perform tasks at scale. And you can roll back pushed out firmware in case of potential compliance issues. Furthermore, jobs are fully traceable, and it’s possible to export all system device information for reporting or auditing purposes.

Good for your Business

AXIS Device Manager Extend makes it easy to configure and troubleshoot devices from anywhere. This saves you time and money with reduced maintenance costs for your business. This sustainable solution enables bulk firmware upgrades and it’s an invaluable tool for troubleshooting allowing you to identify potential problems remotely and eliminating costly site visits. Furthermore, with access to product warranty and end-of-life information you can proactively plan technology replacements.

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