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What is a High Level Integration (HLI)?

A High Level Integration (HLI) is a system to system integration (i.e. in this instance much of the functionality of your Genetec Security Center, Avigilon Control Center™, Milestone XProtect® or Geutebruck G-Core VMS is connected by an API to our Video Monitoring Platform) rather than just a simple device integration (i.e. such as connecting to an NVR, via an IP address and receiving video streams from cameras).

HLIs require time and iteration to set-up due to the large number of custom settings that can affect the operation and performance of the integration.

Common HLI functionality includes:

  • GetConfig – automatically enrolls cameras, relays, alarms and audio devices on set-up into Immix, with no manual data entry required
  • Live Video – the ability to view live video from the VMSs cameras
  • Pre Alarm – Immix presents 10 seconds of video immediately prior to an alarm
  • Post Alarm – Immix records video after an alarm is received
  • Quality – the ability to change the image quality (i.e. resolution) of a selected camera
  • PTZ Controls – the ability to control pan, tilt and zoom functionality
  • Presets – the ability to select predetermined PTZ positions
  • Multiview – the ability to view multiple cameras at one time from the VMS
  • Relays – the ability to control relays within the VMS such as opening doors and gates
  • Attached Footage – integrations with support for attached footage receive still images or video footage at the point the alarm is triggered.
    This provides an instant point of reference for the alarm as the footage was created at the exact point the alarm was triggered.
  • Ecare – the ability to generate notifications if communication to an end device is lost. Connection is made by using the IP address and Port listed in the site setup and ensures that the port is listening.
  • Playback – the ability to choose a time in the past to view footage from. Integrations with Playback support can choose a time in the past to view video from, providing the footage has been stored. This service is an add-on
    and quoted on request only.

Not all HLIs have the same functionality. Check the page of the VMS you use for more detail.

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Customers in New Zealand call 0800 345 677 or email [email protected].

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