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What is Avigilon Appearence Search?

Avigilon Appearance Search is an advanced video analytics technology designed to enhance situational awareness and streamline the process of locating persons or vehicles of interest within video footage. This technology leverages deep learning and artificial intelligence to provide efficient and accurate search capabilities, significantly reducing the time required to review video footage.

Key Features and Capabilities

Search Methods:

By Description: Users can input physical descriptions of persons or vehicles, such as gender, clothing color, and vehicle type, to initiate a search. The system ranks results that match all descriptions higher, but it is advised to avoid using color as a criterion for night scenes due to potential inaccuracies.

By Uploaded Photo: Users can upload a photo of a person or vehicle to search for instances in the video footage. The system supports various image formats and automatically crops the photo for the search.

From Recorded Video: Users can start a search based on an instance in recorded video by selecting a bounding box around the person or vehicle of interest. This can be used to find appearances before or after a specific event.

From Face Watch List Profile: Searches can be initiated from a Face Watch List profile, allowing operators to search for individuals registered in the system.

Search Results:

The results are displayed with the person or vehicle of interest highlighted by a white bounding box. Users can refine the results by adjusting the date range, changing cameras, or updating search criteria. Only the first 15 minutes of search results are displayed initially, but users can navigate through the Search Results Graph window to view more results.

Refinement and Export:

Users can refine search results by starring relevant images, which improves the system’s accuracy. Results can be bookmarked or exported for further use. Export options include native video formats with password protection and identity data, or AVI formats with background blurring to obscure everything except the detected person or vehicle.

Integration and Performance:

The technology is integrated into the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software and requires compatible hardware such as network video recorders (NVRs) with graphics processing units or AI appliances. Optimal performance is achieved when cameras capture full-body and face images with specific pixel densities.


Avigilon Appearance Search is used to improve incident response times and enhance forensic investigations by quickly locating specific individuals or vehicles, compiling robust video evidence, and creating a narrative of events.

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