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Genetec Clearance

Simplify case management and speed up your investigations

Genetec Clearance is a case management system that helps you manage the storage and distribution of digital evidence from cameras and other devices. It's a simple, secure and flexible way to help accelerate investigations by facilitating collaboration.

The increase in the amount of evidence gathered from surveillance systems, body cameras, and civilians can help solve crimes. However, it also presents new challenges for the investigation process. With a case management system that facilitates collaboration between security departments, outside agencies, and the public, you can overcome these issues and speed up investigations in a cost efficient manner.

Four Ways Genetec Clearance Can Help


It can bring together all your evidence: Gather data from disparate sources and store it in a centralized, scalable system. Integrate video and other types of evidence, and save files while increasing storage capacity, without worrying about server maintenance.


Make sure operations run smoothly: Synchronise with existing CAD and RMS platforms to manage cases more efficiently. Use less time and labor juggling multiple applications - and classify evidence to make locating files easier.


Save time on labor-intensive tasks: Locate media quickly, without searching through volumes of digital evidence. Convert and play videos automatically, automate reporting, monitor performance and track clearance rates.


Share evidence safely, at the click of a button: Collaborate with an unlimited number of users inside or outside your organisation. Avoid time-consuming storage and transportation, deal with FOIA requests, and receive public evidence securely. Also, manage user and group permissions, access and rights for documents and cases.

Genetec Certified Partner

JD Security is a Genetec Certified Partner.

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