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Genetec Synergis IX

Hybrid Controller

IP Security & Access Control Platform

Synergis IX connects access control hardware and wireless locking systems from well known manufacturers including HID, AXIS to Synergis IX controllers and modules to build a security system that can be deployed on your corporate network or a standalone network for IP security devices.

Synergis IX unites/combines/merges the functionality of an alarm system and access control system and then lets you run them over a wide-area network so that you don't need to have certain components in every building that you need to protect.

And because your security infrastructure isn't fixed to your properties define security policies from a central location and apply them across your network.

Synergis Hybrid Controller & Modules

Building a merged security system across different company properties can be expensive and costly to maintain, especially when you're not going to be using all of the functionality of every system in every building. Synergis IX controllers and modules can be used as building blocks, so that you only install the minimum amount of detection devices and card readers required to protect a property. Genetec Synergis IX helps you achieve this with its range of components including:

Open to Third Party Security Hardware

These PoE devices connect directly into Synergis IX components for networking and processing.


  • Directly manages 2 Doors
  • Up to 250 downstream RS-485 interface modules
  • Expandable to 128 Doors (256 Readers), 250 inputs and outputs
  • Up to 50,000 access control cardholders

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