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Tecom Forcefield

Australia's Leading Forcefield Integrator

JD Security manages the Forcefield integrations of some of Australia's largest organisations. Call us to speak to a Forcefield expert today on 1300 556 334.

Seamless Video, Alarm & Access Control Integration
Tecom Forcefield combines video, alarm & access management into a single platform for Windows PCs - allowing operators to manage their Tecom Challenger from within a single application.

Integrated Security Management Platform for Challenger

Powerful software embedded in a rugged hardware appliance, Tecom Forcefield allows you to control doors, alarms, user access, cameras (including PTZ) & intercoms from a single screen on a Windows PC. Forcefield is also capable of integrating with third party applications & systems.

Tecom Forcefield is the best way to combine large numbers of Challenger panels together in a single networked solution.

Key Features Include

  • Alarm monitoring
  • Real-time graphics
  • Reports
  • Video from map display
  • Advanced access control
  • Virtual video matrix switcher (multi-view)
  • Hot standby
  • Photo ID & card programmer
  • Multi-node
  • Triggering
  • Guard Tour
  • Database partitioning
  • Manage job workflow & operator permissions

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