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Tecom C4

Tecom C4 User Managment Platform

Tecom C4 is an open platform for integrated system management, giving you the ability to manage compatible Access Control, Video Surveillance & Security Systems from a single interface.

Tecom C4 is compatible with Challenger V8 & Challenger10. We provide remote installation & support for standalone and networked Tecom C4 configurations.

Installation & Support

Looking for help with C4? Contact us for Tecom C4 expertise with:

  • Licensing & Installation
  • On-site & Remote Support
  • User Training
  • Challenger V8 to Challenger10 migration
  • Networking C4 with multiple Challenger systems
  • Back-up & archiving of database & history

Tecom C4 Management Software offers features including:

  • Security Process Automation
  • Centralised Identity Management – user access & credentials are managed by a single form which writes to all integrated devices
  • Intuitive graphics for dynamic floor plan creation
  • Access Control, Digital Video & Intrusion Detection. One uniform way to provide user access rights, regardless of the type of security system. The ability to register & track visitors in the building or premises contributes to the safety & security of personnel & building property
  • Automatic control of devices based on events

C4 is compatible with third-party devices from over 225 manufacturers including:

  • 2N
  • AXIS
  • Avigilon
  • Bosch G Series/B Series
  • Concept 4000 [EoL]
  • Dahua
  • DSC PowerSeries NEO
  • Genetec
  • HID Edge Evo & Vertx Evo
  • iDIS
  • Milestone
  • Pacom
  • Tecom

View the full list of supported manufacturers products here.

Other Tecom Management applications include Windows-based Tecom Titan and Tecom Forcefield for managing more than 16 Challengers at a time.

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Customers in New Zealand call 0800 345 677 or email [email protected].

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