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Genetec Advantage

Invest in your System

Genetec Advantage unlocks services and benefits that allow your organization to be the first to profit from Genetec's innovation and expertise. When you choose to purchase Genetec Advantage, you can be confident that you'll be able to access everything you need to fully capitalize on your security investment throughout the lifetime of your product.

  • Reap the benefits of expert support - Genetec Advantage customers benefit from comprehensive service level commitments, live collaborative transfers to specialist support technicians, and advanced troubleshooting techniques, resulting in less time and money spent on maintaining your system. Learn more about the Genetec portal.
  • Always access the latest innovations - To keep your system at peak performance and ensure continuous access to new functionality and hardware integrations, Genetec Advantage gives you access to major and minor releases as well as all software updates as soon as they become available. Find out about the latest Security Center enhancements.
  • Proactive maintenance of your system with technical consultations - Up to 40 hours of one-on-one technical consultation with Genetec experts who can proactively advise you on system improvements, phased growth, and best practices. Learn more about professional services.
  • Ensure the ongoing health of your platform - Leverage the System Availability Monitor feature to get a centralized view of the overall performance of your system and to quickly identify and resolve health issues while monitoring real-time statistics.
  • Opt for more dedicated resources - Based on your security needs, you can choose to add additional premium support services, including 24/7 and dedicated account support. With Genetec Advantage, you also have access to Genetec professional services, including Project Managers and Field Engineers.
  • Expand your storage in the cloud, risk-free - Expand your storage without the need for additional on-site server investments using Genetec's hybrid cloud services. Receive up to 100 terabytes of Genetec Cloud Archives as part of this comprehensive package.
  • Easily add cameras with Stratocast camera connections - Quickly add more cameras to your system or facilitate remote camera installations with Stratocast. Receive up to 100 Stratocast camera connections to easily grow your system at your own pace.