4G Wireless Plans

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Wireless 4G Alarm Monitoring

The Permaconn Alarm Monitoring Network communicates within ‘Virtual Private Networks’ (VPNs), provided by Optus and Telstra. The VPNs are dedicated for Permaconn alarm data only, and ensure all data transmitted & received is secure. All messages are encrypted ‘end to end’, using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES128).

Dual SIM Permaconn devices communicate & switch seamlessly between both Telco networks, guaranteeing network availability of 99.9%. Scroll down down to find out more about our plans & pricing.

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With the addition of an internet connection there are 3 independent communication paths from the protected premises to the JD Security Monitoring Centre.

Duplicated host servers located in geographically separated data centres, ensure the Permaconn network performs to the rigorous demands, and expectations required for today’s security market.

Over the Air Upload/Download

Permaconn supports OTAUDL for the following panels: DAS DL150, DAS DL250, DAS DL300, DAS NX4, DAS NX16, DAS R128, Bosch Solution 844,
Bosch Solution 16, Bosch Solution 880, Bosch Solution 16i, Bosch Solution 16 Plus, Bosch Solution 64, Bosch Solution 6000, Bosch Solution 2000, DSC PC5020, DSC PC4020, DSC PC1616, DSC PC1864, Honeywell Vista 12, Honeywell Vista 48, Honeywell Vista 50, Honeywell Vista 120 (Require PM1048 and IFM-H module), Crow Runner 8, Crow Runner 16, Crow Powerwave, Paradox MG-5050, Paradox EVO-192, Paradox SP4000, Paradox 7000, Ness D8, Risco LightSYS, MCM Icon8, Concept 3000, Concept 4000, Digiflex Vision 16, Digiflex Vision 64, Protege LE, Tecom Challenger V8 & Tecom Challenger V10.