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Mobile Access

AXIS Barcode Reader

Quickly Provide Temporary Access

Streamline the management of temporary access with this scalable, easy-to-install edge-based application that turns selected AXIS intercoms & cameras into a QR Code® reader for cost-efficient, reliable access control.

Create & email a QR Code

Meet the needs of a mobile-first society with AXIS Barcode Reader, an IP-based reader solution that makes fast and reliable QR code access possible with a range of AXIS cameras and intercoms. Simply create and email a QR code with a specific date and time of validity to trusted visitors, who can print it or store it on their mobile device. On arrival, they present it to the AXIS camera or intercom, where optimized image quality combines with smart analytics and edge-based processing to recognize the credential. Relevant data is then sent to an AXIS door controller, granting access.

Cameras & Intercoms Function as QR Code Readers

AXIS Barcode Reader brings fast, reliable QR code access to your existing access control solution. This video analytics app enables AXIS network cameras or intercoms to function as QR code readers, unlocking multiple doors equipped with AXIS door controllers. Installation is quick and easy, reducing overhead. Additionally, credentials are cost-effective to generate and manage—you never need to invest in purchasing, printing, handling, or disposing of physical cards or fobs. The reader functions seamlessly as part of an AXIS end-to-end solution, but it’s easy to integrate with third-party systems, ensuring maximum flexibility for you.

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