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Mobile Access

HID Secure Mobile ID’s

Secure Digital Identities for Access Control using Mobile Devices

HID Mobile Access enables mobile phones to be used across the organisation just like a card or fob or any other form factor to seamlessly increase productivity while “on-the-go”. The move to mobile and a bring your own device (BYOD) environment has IT departments increasingly concerned about securing access and protecting company data. It’s essential that the protection of identity data follow stringent policies to prevent a security breach in the enterprise.

Provisioned over-the-air to the end-user device, Mobile IDs are based on industry standard technology. HID Seos technology keeps identity data secure during the lifecycle of the Mobile ID. Versatile by design, Mobile IDs can also be assigned with comprehensive policies to comply with your organisations requirements.

Key Features

  • Secure over-the-air provisioning of IDs straight to your employees devices
  • Seamless lifecycle management of Mobile IDs (creation, distribution, revocation) simplifies deployment & administration
  • HID Mobile IDs are fully integrated with the iCLASS SE platform

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