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Genetec Synergis

Get Freedom at the Door

The Synergis Master Controller (SMC) is an intelligent IP controller based on an open architecture that's been engineered to provide greater flexibility & functionality within your security system. Designed to address longstanding customer demand for non-proprietary access control solutions, the Synergis Master Controller provides native support of widely-deployed & non-proprietary security modules from HID Global & Mercury Security.

Synergis Software

Synergis is the IP access control system within Security Center that provides real-time monitoring of access events & alarms, as well as cardholder management & reporting capabilities. A few of the key Synergis features include:

  • Active directory integration allows the centralized management of Windows user accounts with Security Center, ensuring an automated synchronization of user & cardholder profiles between Active Directory & your Synergis systems.
  • Unification with video in Security Center ensures that all access control events, alarms, & reports can be associated with recorded & live video.
  • Global Cardholder Management enables organizations to centrally manage & configure cardholders & credentials, while ensuring this information will be synchronized with all participating sites, no matter their location.
  • Built-In Visitor Management allows you to check-in visitors by entering their information, assign new or existing credentials, assign individuals to a visitor group, & print their badge.

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