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Card Readers


Contactless Smart Card Reader

HID's next generation access control platform goes beyond the traditional smart card model to offer a secure, standards based, technology-independent & flexible identity data structure based on Secure Identity Object (SIO), a new portable credential methodology from HID. Building on the success of its flagship HID iCLASS standard for 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology, iCLASS SIO-Enabled (iCLASS SE) readers are part of the next generation access control platform & open ecosystem based on HID’s Trusted Identity Platform (TIP) architecture for advanced applications, mobility & heightened security.

iCLASS SE readers enable a new class of portable identity credentials that can be securely provisioned & safely embedded into both fixed & mobile devices. Providing advanced security and performance, iCLASS SE readers also support Near Field Communication (NFC) card emulation, deliver enhanced functionality for future applications & include intelligent power management & recycled content for sustainability.

  • iCLASS readers have the same wiring connections, same low-current consumption & same 5 to 12 volt operation as our Prox readers.
  • HID Connect offers over 70 technology partners - which have embedded iCLASS technology into their products - a single card solution for diverse application requirements.
  • Utilize firmware upgrade cards to modify reader firmware while installed on site.

Plug & Play with New & Existing Systems

iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards & readers make access control more powerful, more versatile & offer enhanced security through data encryption & mutual authentication between the card & reader. iCLASS readers are user-friendly, delivering the same convenience and reliability of HID’s world-renowned Prox technology, with state-of-the-art features, driven by evolving industry requirements. Upgrading from Prox to iCLASS technology has never been so simple. All iCLASS readers provide the same wiring connections, low-current consumption & 5 to 16 volt operation as our Prox readers. Additionally, you can transfer your Prox format and user identification numbers to iCLASS credentials, making the change completely transparent to your access control system.