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Tecom Titan

Tecom Titan Software

Tecom Titan is a software tool for programming & controlling the Tecom Challenger security system. Titan can be used onsite or it can be used remotely via modem or IP connection. Titan is typically used by facilities to maintain & control their Challenger system.

Titan provides a simple and easy to use interface for programming the Challenger system. Titan also provides the ability for technicians to import & export system configurations to allow for off-site programming or system backups.

Key features include:

  • Supports Challenger V8 and Challenger10 control panels
  • Flexible connectivity options, supporting USB, IP, modem or serial
  • Fully integrated, remote firmware flash utility for Challenger10 panels
  • Challenger V8 to Challenger10 migration tool included
  • Full upload and download of panel configuration
  • Back-up and archiving facilities for both database and history information
  • By using serial and/or IP connections, you can connect to multiple Challenger panels simultaneously
  • The optional TS08709 Smart Card Programmer is used to create highly-secure, password-protected Smart Cards & Smart Fobs for access control or for pay-per-use credit applications
  • Supports multiple card reader technologies
  • Live event log
  • Up to 20 user-defined fields that can contain valuable customisable information on all system users
  • Generates a wide range of reports
  • Advanced user search facilities enable operators to quickly search the database for user records
  • Runs on Windows based PCs
  • Optional Photo ID package