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AXIS P37 Series


Multidirectional Surveillance with Advanced Analytics and Deep Learning Capabilities

The AXIS P3738-PLE Panoramic Camera, a 4x4K multidirectional surveillance device with deep learning capabilities, is the ideal solution for wide-area surveillance. Delivering exceptional overviews and detailed coverage at 4K resolution per channel at 15 fps, this camera boasts 360° IR illumination with individually controlled LEDs, day/night functionality, and Forensic WDR for enhanced image clarity in all lighting conditions. Its compact design allows for flexible mounting options, including recessed and ceiling mounts for discreet and comprehensive coverage. The camera’s four varifocal heads can be individually controlled and adjusted for optimal field of view.

Equipped with Axis Edge Vault, this camera ensures high-level security against unauthorized access. Its deep learning processing unit (DLPU), built on ARTPEC-8, eliminates the need for expensive servers, enabling faster, more scalable systems, and efficient forensic search capabilities in live or recorded video. With support for ACAP version 4 and AXIS Object Analytics, this camera can detect and classify people and vehicles, adding value to your surveillance system with tailor-made applications. Thanks to its market-leading energy consumption and remote zoom and focus capabilities, the AXIS P3738-PLE is not only cost-effective but also sustainable and user-friendly.

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4 * 4K
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Aluminium Casing
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 Deep Learning Analytics
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Built In Cybersecurity
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5 Year Warranty

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