Video Surveillance

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AXIS P38 Series


Fixed Dome 13MP Camera

With 13 MP resolution, AXIS P3818-PVE offers seamless stitching of all three images. It delivers a 180º panoramic overview of extensive areas with excellent image usability for quick and intuitive situational awareness.

Complete coverage with support for audio input

AXIS P3818-PVE is perfect when you need to see the whole picture. This multisensor camera offers seamless stitching of all three images to deliver a seamless 180° panoramic overview of extensive areas and excellent image usability. You get 180° horizontal coverage, and 90° vertical coverage with no blind spots. It’s possible to mount two cameras back-to-back for a complete 360° overview using AXIS T94V01C Dual Camera Mount. This allows for quick and intuitive situational awareness over a large area and lets the operator visually follow objects across great distances. Featuring edge-to-edge technology, it’s easy to add support for audio-out using AXIS network speakers, and audio-input directly into the camera enables you to listen in to transactions or incidents.

Brilliant, seamless images

The single smooth and cohesive video stream is what really sets AXIS P3818-PVE apart. This 13 MP multisensor camera offers seamless 180° panoramic coverage and captures ultra-high resolution images with incredible details up to 30 fps. With seamless stitching across all 3 images, it delivers a coherent-looking image in one single video stream for a perfect overview without any stitch in the center. And, the camera automatically optimizes white balance and exposure time. Furthermore, thanks to Forensic WDR, it offers excellent image usability.

Cost-efficient, flexible, and secure

This cost-efficient camera gives you the benefits of three cameras while paying for just one. And, fewer cameras are needed to cover large areas. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of mounting options – recessed, flush, pendant, or even back-to-back. Plus, it offers adjustable positions for fast and easy mounting on walls, ceilings, or in a corridor. AXIS P3818-PVE offers built-in cybersecurity features including Axis Edge Vault to protect your Axis device ID and simplify authorization of Axis devices on your network. And, for added peace of mind, it includes a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that is FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified.

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