Video Surveillance

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Explosion Proof

ExCam XF Q1785

HD 1080p Explosion Protected Fixed Body Camera

ExCam XF Q1785 is certified to international standards to ensure safe operation in explosion prone applications. With built-in PoE support, a pre-connected 5 metre armored cable, and an Ex e junction box, the ExCam XF Q1785 is easy to install and use, and makes it simple to locate and repair any problems that might arise.

ExCam XF Q1785 is designed for 24/7 long-range surveillance and provides high resolution footage even under extreme lighting conditions. The camera’s 32x optical zoom, in combination with HDTV 1080p resolution, delivers superb zoomed-in views of people and objects of interest. This allows you to install the camera far away from the object and still capture all the details.

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