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AXIS Case Insight: Digital Evidence Management

AXIS Case Insight, offered by JD Security, is a comprehensive digital evidence management platform designed to streamline case building. It centralises all digital evidence in a secure location, provides robust auditing features to track changes, and integrates with CAD and RMS systems for automated case creation. The platform also offers advanced tools such as assisted redaction and advanced search capabilities, making it easier for investigators and prosecutors to collaborate and manage cases. With hosting and infrastructure managed by AXIS, users can focus on what truly matters – solving cases.

Solidify Your Cases with AXIS Case Insight

AXIS Case Insight securely centralizes all digital evidence, with an audit trail for every file change to maintain chain of custody. It offers tools for adding watermarks and overlays, enhancing evidence credibility. With prioritized cybersecurity, it provides end-to-end encryption and total control over user permissions.

Efficiency in Case Management

AXIS Case Insight simplifies case management, automatically importing AXIS body-worn camera recordings. It facilitates easy collaboration with secure information sharing, advanced search, tagging functions, and assisted facial redaction. When integrated with a Record Management System (RMS) or Computer-Aided Dispatch system (CAD), cases are automatically created and populated with relevant recordings as well as digital evidence from other sources.

Stay Focused on Your Cases

Let AXIS Case Insight handle the intricacies of digital evidence management so you can concentrate on what matters most: solving cases. There’s no need for specially trained installers, infrastructure headaches, or worries about secure storage. AXIS Case Insight covers all aspects including hardware, software, and hosting. Plus, you always have the latest AXIS system installed, eliminating the risk of losing recordings or evidence due to hard disk failure.

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