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AXIS Body Worn Live

Stream Live with AXIS Body Worn Live

The AXIS Body Worn Live enables real-time streaming of video, audio, and metadata from AXIS body worn cameras. It’s designed to enhance the safety of camera wearers while providing operators with crucial data for immediate decision-making. It offers a secure and reliable way to manage surveillance needs.

Never Feel Alone with AXIS Body Worn Live

The AXIS Body Worn Live ensures that camera wearers are never alone during an incident. The moment a wearer starts recording, they can instantly activate a live audio and video stream from their camera to the operator. With GPS location coordinates and real-time updates, operators can make informed decisions about when and where to send backup.

Be Right There, Right Away

With AXIS Body Worn Live, your headquarters can monitor the scene immediately after a wearer activates the camera. Even if the transmission drops out, buffering ensures no data will be lost. All cameras connect via a pre-configured WIFI link at the push of a button, allowing operators to see and hear everything. Plus, all data remains accessible for a full 24 hours.

Flexible, Secure, and Reliable

AXIS Body Worn Live functions independently of your chosen video or evidence management system. You can view streamed video on computers or mobile devices, and it can be streamed to multiple viewers simultaneously. Role-based permissions safeguard data integrity, while end-to-end encryption protects transmission. Running on the secure Microsoft Azure platform, AXIS Body Worn Live supports GDPR compliance and is always up-to-date with the latest software releases and patches.

Equip your business with AXIS Body Worn Live and empower your security personnel like never before. Contact us today to learn more about how JD Security can provide you with this innovative solution.

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