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AXIS P38 Series


7MP 180˚ Multisensor with Deep Learning Analytics

The AXIS P3827-PVE Panoramic Camera, a 7 MP multisensor camera, offers complete coverage and superior image quality with no blind spots. Built on ARTPEC-8, it supports advanced analytics based on deep learning on the edge. Its 180° panoramic coverage captures high-resolution images up to 30 fps, delivering a seamless, stitched video stream for an optimal overview. Thanks to horizon straightening and Forensic WDR, the camera ensures visually balanced images and excellent forensic usability. Perfect for extensive areas, it provides 180° horizontal and 90° vertical coverage.

The camera’s deep learning processing unit (DLPU) facilitates efficient data collection and analysis, enabling fast forensic search capabilities in live or recorded video. With support for ACAP version 4, it can detect and classify humans, vehicles, and types of vehicles. The AXIS P3827-PVE is cost-efficient, offering the benefits of four cameras in one, with various mounting options for easy installation. Built-in cybersecurity features, including Axis Edge Vault and a FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified Trusted Platform Module (TPM), ensure secure operation.

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Aluminium Casing
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 Deep Learning Analytics
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Built In Cybersecurity
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5 Year Warranty

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