Hanwha P Series

Hanwha P Series

Wisenet P Series Cameras

Hanwha Vision’s P series Cameras offer a sophisticated blend of AI-powered video analytics, multi-sensor technology, and innovative design. These cameras are distinguished by several key features:

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  • AI Video Analytics: P Series Cameras come equipped with advanced AI video analytics. This technology enables the cameras to efficiently monitor and analyze video, significantly reducing the frequency of false alarms. Notably, the cameras are capable of attribute extraction, a feature that allows them to identify and differentiate between various objects, such as vehicles and humans, in real-time. This capability is essential for increasing operational efficiency, particularly in forensic reviews, where distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant motion is crucial. For instance, the system can ignore motions caused by wind-blown trees, shadows, or animals, focusing instead on significant movements.
  • BestShot Feature: this feature enhances the utility of the AI analytics by taking snapshots of detected objects. These snapshots are then displayed onscreen in real time, along with any captured metadata. This makes it easier to identify & verify objects or individuals quickly.
  • Object Attribute Extraction: P Series Cameras can detect humans & vehicles and classify them with a list of detected attributes. This information is stored as searchable metadata, enabling more effective and efficient searches and analyses.
  • Multi-Sensor/Multi-Directional Cameras: these cameras replace the need for multiple camera installations. They’re easy to install using a single network cable and IP address.
  • Multi-Sensor/Panoramic Cameras: these cameras provide a wide-angle field of view by stitching together four individual camera sensors. This feature is particularly useful for surveillance of large areas, offering a comprehensive view without the need for multiple cameras.
  • VMS Compatibility: the AI analytics capabilities of Wisenet P series cameras are fully integrated with various Video Management Systems (VMS), such as Nx Witness, Milestone XProtect, and Genetec Security Center. This integration is facilitated through the Hanwha Vision AI Camera Plug-in, ensuring a seamless operation within existing security infrastructure.

Hanwha P Series Cameras autonomously detect, classify, and react to configurable events, enhancing security operations and reducing the need for constant human supervision.

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