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Genetec AD Integration

Active Directory Integration

As security threats continue to advance, businesses need strong security management systems to protect their employees, assets, and facilities. Managing user access can be a cumbersome process, often leading to errors and extra workload for the security team. However, Genetec’s Active Directory integration offers a solution to overcome these challenges by simplifying user and cardholder management allowing your business to promote cooperation, sharing of data, and consistency throughout the organisation, and enjoy greater efficiency and productivity.

Genetec Security Center Active Directory integration allows for the automatic synchronisation of Windows user accounts with Security Center’s administrator and cardholder accounts. This means that Windows users can be added to Active Directory, and Security Center will automatically create accounts and/or cardholders for them. This automated synchronisation process reduces manual intervention and errors, streamlining the user and cardholder management process for easier management and flexibility when managing employee access.

With Active Directory integration, you can enjoy several benefits that can help you streamline your security management process. Firstly, it ensures secure access to your security software and physical facilities is up to date by promoting cooperation, sharing of data, and consistency throughout your organisation. Secondly, it simplifies user and cardholder management, taking human error out of the equation. Lastly, automatic synchronisation eliminates burdensome paperwork and emails for managing employee access, which can increase your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Genetec’s Active Directory integration also allows for granular selection of what Active Directory security groups to link to, which can help you manage your security system more effectively. Additionally, the feature supports encrypted communications using SSL, ensuring the security of your data.

The integration can be immensely beneficial for multi-tenant environments, where managing security for multiple entities is the norm. It also works well for large multi-site organisations looking to centrally manage users or cardholders. With Genetec’s Active Directory as a central point for your business data, information can be shared with other business systems, such as your human resources or student registrars database, enabling greater cooperation within your organisation.

Working with Genetec and JD Security, you can seamlessly link up to 10 Active Directory servers to unify your IT and physical security systems. You can track tens of thousands of Windows user accounts, sync your Synergis cardholder pictures to other systems through Active Directory, and simplify cardholder management.

Genetec’s Active Directory integration is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their security management process, save time, and reduce the risk of errors. With this feature, you can unify your IT and physical security systems, promote greater cooperation within your organisation, and streamline your user and cardholder management processes. Contact JD Security to get started on experiencing the benefits of Genetec’s Active Directory integration.

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