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Genetec Sipelia

SIP-based Intercom Communications from within Genetec Security Center

Genetec Sipelia is a Security Center module that enables seamless SIP-based communications between operators & intercom devices deployed throughout your organization. With doors, parking gates, & cameras linked to your intercom devices, your team can effectively respond & manage any incoming call with greater effectiveness & situational awareness.

Sample Applications with Unified Security & Communications

  • Emergency Call Management
  • Employee Lost Card Situations
  • Parking Entrance Control
  • High Security Environments


  • Unified with Access Control & Video: Call stations can be associated with doors &/ or cameras, ensuring door & camera-related actions are readily available.
  • Call Dialog: Operators can intitiate, answer, forward, place on hold or cancel calls from an easy to use & dedicated call dialog.
  • Audio/Video Calls between Operators: Deploy standard USB headset & microphones to allow your team to communicate within your Security Center interface.
  • Visual & Audible Call Notifications: Operators are instantly notitified of incoming calls through the notification tray.
  • Fully SIP Enabled: Connect to intercom devices, exchange servers, & mobile apps through the SIP standard.
  • Supports the Most Popular SIP Enabled Intercom Systems: Siplelia integrates the most popular intercom brands & models from Zenitel, Commend, & Castel.
  • Call Reporting & Playback of Call Sessions: Your staff can run reports to investigate communications activity & replay sessions with associated videos.
  • Customisable Ring Groups & Phone Book: Build custom ring groups so multiple operators receive incoming calls & build Phone Book for quick access to call recipients.

Genetec Certified Partner

JD Security is a Genetec Certified Partner.

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