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A Compact, Versatile, and Secure Body Cameras for Retail, Healthcare, and Transportation Sectors

The AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera is a sleek, lightweight wearable device designed to enhance safety in various sectors including retail, healthcare, and transportation. This compact camera, measuring 75 × 55 × 19 mm, offers flexible mounting options and true end-to-end encryption for secure operations. Its unique features deter bad behavior and protect employees by preventing violence and false accusations, thus fostering a sense of well-being in the workplace. With its compatibility with Body Worn Live, it enables live streaming, captures reliable forensic evidence, and documents compliance through sharp images and voice-enhanced audio.

The camera’s open standards allow easy integration with AXIS Camera Station or any video management system (VMS), either on-site or in the cloud. Moreover, the AXIS W110 system offers cost efficiency with a low-cost docking station and a separate system controller. A key feature is the self-assign option, where users can pick up any available body worn camera using an RFID tag, making it an ideal solution for different work shifts to share a pool of cameras while maintaining personalized user profiles. With its GDPR compliant design and HIPPA compliance capabilities, the AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera truly stands out as a versatile and secure solution for workplace safety.

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