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AXIS P37 Series


Ideal for large indoor & outdoor areas, AXIS P3727-PLE lets you monitor four different areas with a single camera, even in challenging lighting. You can count on excellent overviews and detailed coverage thanks to the brilliant design of this cost-effective solution.

Wide area surveillance with high-quality overview — 24/7

AXIS P3727-PLE offers four channels with 2 MP per channel at 30 fps letting you capture both wide-angle & zoomed-in, detailed views. It includes day/night functionality and 360° IR illumination with individually controllable LEDs and an automatic IR cut filter. So, you’ll enjoy clear, reflection-free footage and excellent image quality even in low light or complete darkness as well as undistorted colors during the day.

Thanks to Forensic WDR it ensures clarity when there’s both dark and light areas in the scene. Furthermore, it’s possible to run AXIS Object Analytics on one of the four channels allowing you to detect and classify people and vehicles entering a user-defined area or crossing a user-defined virtual line.

Brilliant Design

This compact, flexible multidirectional camera offers various mounting options. For instance, it can be recessed mounted for discreet surveillance or mounted in ceilings for complete 360° coverage. When mounted on corners, it offers 270° coverage. With a tamper-resistance casing and integrated IP66/IP67 rated weather shield that protects against rain, snow, and sunlight, AXIS P3727-PLE is ideal for outdoor wall mounting. It allows for flexible positioning of all four varifocal camera heads so they can be moved and rotated to provide the optimal field of view.

And, each head can be controlled individually so you can monitor scenes in four directions. The camera’s sensors can also be twisted, allowing two camera heads to be positioned closer together, so one can take the wide view and the other can zoom in on the same target.

Cost-efficient and secure

With four camera heads in one camera, AXIS P3727-PLE offers fast, accurate, and cost-effective installation. That’s because there’s only one camera to install, one cable to draw, and one IP address, one video management software (VMS) license, and just one license for any analytics you choose to install. Plus, remote zoom and focus capabilities eliminate the need for hands-on fine tuning. And, with snap-fit installation, the casing simply snaps on. AXIS P3727-PLE offers enhanced security functionality to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your system.

Axis Edge Vault protects your Axis device ID and simplifies authorization of Axis products on your network. Additionally, it includes a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that is FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified. Thanks to Axis Zipstream, this cost-effective camera significantly lowers bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality. This is particularly beneficial when streaming multiple video streams as it ensures image quality is maintained while unnecessary data is heavily compressed. Furthermore, thanks to edge storage you can record directly to two onboard Micro SD™ cards for added storage capability and reliability.

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