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AXIS W101 Body Worn Camera

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The AXIS W101 Body Worn Camera is a robust, easy-to-use device, designed with high-quality video and audio capabilities, enabling up to 17 hours of operation time and live streaming support. Its automatic recording activation and location tracking features allow for efficient surveillance, while its water-resistant design assures durability. The camera offers both discretion and deterrence, available in white or black. With a quick start and stop functionality and a stealth mode for inconspicuous recording, it’s perfect for capturing full encounters. Its battery life, USB-C charging, and fast offloading capabilities make it a reliable tool for on-the-go use.

Leveraging Axis Zipstream technology, the camera ensures optimal storage without compromising video quality. It also meets FBI cybersecurity standards with end-to-end encryption and signed video capabilities, ensuring the integrity of the footage. The AXIS Body Worn Assistant, an app available for iPhone and Android, gives instant access to stored recordings, aiding in reporting and categorizing recordings in the field. The self-assign feature enables users to assign and pick up any available body worn camera using an RFID tag, making it a flexible and cost-effective solution for different work shifts to share a pool of cameras.

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